Your Guide to theTourism Levy

Step into Bali and support Bali's heritage with the essence of its culture through the Tourism Levy.

To nature the beauty of Bali’s customs, traditions, arts, and local wisdom, the Bali Provincial Government introduces the International Tourism Levy. As per Law Number 15 of 2023 and Bali Governor Regulation Number 36 of 2023, this will be implemented effective February 14, 2024. Discover Bali's rich culture and contribute to its legacy with the International Tourism Levy. 

There are some important information regarding this Tourism Levy:

  • Levy Cost : IDR 150,000/PERSON
  • Payment Occurrence : A one-time fee during your Bali visit.

How to pay your Tourism Levy:

  1. Visit Website or Download App
    Go to or download the Love Bali App from Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Enter Information and Payment
    Provide passport number, name, email, and arrival date. Then, choose your payment method.
  3. Receive Levy Voucher
    Your Levy Vouchers will be sent to your email. Make sure your email is valid and active.
  4. Scan Voucher at Checkpoints
    Present your Levy Voucher for scanning at checkpoints.
For more information, please visit or call +62821 5758 6600