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Keep the party going! If you are looking for first-class events in Davos, you don't even have to leave our resort. At our bar GMT+1, you will find some of the best entertainment Davos, Switzerland, has to offer. We host tons of live acts, from indie rock to folk to Latin music, plus special events like dance nights. Find all gigs in our events calendar and book a stay when your favorite act is in town. Here, the hits are always playing. 

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The GMT+1 is our venue for live music, fresh drinks, and bar food. Every Friday and Saturday from 7 PM, local and international artists take the stage to treat the audience to some of the finest live music events in Davos. When the weather is fine, you can also find us at Promenade in Davos for some unique outdoor events – just check our calendar so you don’t miss any of your favorite acts.