Find Your Groove With SOUND OF YOUR STAY®

When you stay at Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, you’re in total control of the music around you. Our Sound of Your Stay® music program makes it easy to amp up your stay with our tracks®, picks®, and wax® programs.


Do you want to control the music you’re listening to during your stay? With tracks®, you can download curated music playlists. Discover new artists or jam out to your favorites. No matter your taste in music, you’ll experience Daytona Beach through the lens of amazing artists and tastemakers.



Every Clapton, Santana, and Petrucci got their start somewhere. Channel your inner guitar legend and get Fender guitar delivered right to your room. Choose from legendary Stratocasters, classic Telecasters, and even bass guitars for when you need to bring the funk with a sick bass line. Guitars come complete with a Fender Mustang floor amp and a pair of Nixon headphones to ensure maximum sound and zero noise complaints during jam sessions.



There’s something special about the smooth sounds of a vinyl record. Experience music as it was intended to be heard with our wax® program when you get a carefully-curated collection of 10 iconic records delivered to your room. We also provide a Crosley turntable to keep the records spinning.