Discover The Island of Ibiza

Don't Fall in Love with Ibiza, Or You'll Always Go Back

We know Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is a destination in itself and it’s likely you’ll be reluctant to leave either its fabulous facilities or Playa d’en Bossa. But remember: this is Ibiza, the most desirable island in the Mediterranean! It’s OK to lie in the sun with a cocktail in your hand like a spoilt film star, but there’s too much to see and do in Ibiza for you to while away the day in an irresistible loop of lounger to water and water to lounger. Discover everything the island has to offer and make the most of your time in our hotel in Ibiza with sea views. Our reception staff will advise you on what to see, where Ibiza’s best beaches are, where to eat the best traditional food, how to find the most fashionable restaurants serving contemporary cuisine in Ibiza, which attractions you can’t miss, how to book a sailing trip... Get out there and enjoy.

The most addictive island awaits.

Excursions OnThe Island of Ibiza

By day or night, on your own or with others, by land or by sea…or even from the air! There are all kinds of trips available in Ibiza to suit every pocket, just waiting for you to enjoy them with your partner or family.

ThrillingIbiza Attractions

This island is home to more than 50 coves and beaches with crystal-clear waters, charming villages, beautiful traditional houses, towers and fortress-churches, Ibiza’s old town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), hippy flea markets, peaceful valleys, museums and art galleries, boutiques, and natural beauty spots.

Ibiza Tastes Great

The gastronomy of Ibiza is one of the island’s great attractions, and you just can't go home without sampling it. To whet your appetite, we have a few recommendations, so you can get a head start on enjoying the excellent food and drink of Ibiza.

Explore IbizaIn a Jeep

True rockers never give up on freedom and excitement. And neither should you. Be your most adventurous self with Change The Way, the special car rental promotion in Ibiza that we offer exclusively, in collaboration with Europcar, to our guests at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

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