At Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza we are constantly working to keep a sustainable environment, focusing our efforts on waste management and the preservation of resources such as water and energy. We’ve created a series of measures to comply with our best practices and encourage our guests to join us in taking care of the island and the planet. 


To begin with, we have our own Sustainability policy and our Green Team to apply it and to plan different activities to protect the environment, such as beach cleanups. Education is essential, so we offer sustainability and recycling talks to all our departments at the beginning of each season.  


Thanks to our paperless philosophy, we have significantly reduced the use of paper, especially at the hotel’s front desk. Moreover, we have preset the printers on black and white mode, thus eliminating color printing. 


On the other hand, we have environmental indicators that review the hotel's water, electricity and gas consumption monthly and, if necessary, we implement action plans to correct the results. 

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At Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza we consider conscious waste management essential. We have a recycling policy and several objectives to increase our recycling capacity every year. Since 2021, we have added the separation of organic waste

We also carry out the separation of hazardous waste such as vegetable oil, toners, aerosols, paint, contaminated plastic containers, mercury batteries, among others. 

In this line, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Eliminated the one-use coffee capsules.
  • Eliminated the one-use plastics (ketchup, yoghurts, jams, etc).
  • Added compostable containers for Take Away food and beverages.
  • Installed shampoo and shower gel dispensers to eliminate those of one use. 


All our rooms have thermostats, which allow us to efficiently regulate the temperature of the room, especially when the guest is not inside. 

In addition, with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and under its Low-Carbon Economy Project, we have installed a 173 kWp photovoltaic systems in the hotel to generate sustainable energy. 

Thanks to this plant, we produce 203,665 kWh of electrical energy per year, which represents 12% of the hotel's energy and a reduction of 52,952 kg in CO2 emissions. 

As for water conservation, we have installed automatic faucets in common areas and water savers in the rooms’ bathrooms. In addition, all of the hotel's cisterns are dual-flush to facilitate efficient water use. 

We constantly remind our guests of the importance of conscious use of water and energy, and of the impact these actions have on the environment and the care of the planet. 

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