Rock your Love in Ibiza

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Valentine’s Day is just a day, but the trip of your lifetime can be at any time of year.
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St. Valentine's Day at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Some go to find out about themselves, others simply to kick back and lose themselves in the idiosyncrasy of an island whose fame crosses borders, but all of them end up surrendering to its charms. Ibiza's like that. An earthly paradise to reinvent yourself and learn, but also to enjoy life and love with a little rock & roll.

Beaches, fine eating, exclusiveness and music, lots of music. We offer you all this and more at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, the number one setting for celebrating love.

Need any more reasons for celebrating St. Valentine's night with us?

A romantic night in a hotel at Hard Rock Ibiza

The complicity of the stars and the bewitching murmur of the waves as a soundtrack make the idea of sharing a romantic night in a hotel with the love of your life even more tempting. Add spectacular facilities to the formula and the result can only be a red-carpet St. Valentine's Day on Ibiza.

The Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza has all you need to make you feel like a star. The best possible service will help to ensure a perfect romantic night at the hotel. From the exclusive sound experience The Sound of Your Stay, to taking gastronomic pleasure to the next level at The Ninth restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, featuring live performances, spacious swimming pools and exclusive shopping sessions, among other things - you decide!

But there's more. Can you imagine watching the sunset over the Mediterranean from the round bed in your room? Having breakfast caressed by the sea breeze on your private terrace? What about sampling the benefits of chromotherapy while relaxing on a bed that seems to levitate? No, it isn't a dream, it's the essence of Ibiza condensed at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

St. Valentine's Day on Ibiza: love and rock & roll.

Taking a decision to spend St. Valentine's Day on Ibiza is a sure-fire success. And not just because Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is by one of the island's most famous beaches, but also because, from north to south and east to west, it offers you a host of experiences to lead you to explore new ways of enjoying life and celebrating love like a real star.

Playa d’en Bossa, the beach that's the starting point for your romantic getaway on Ibiza, will amaze you: over three kilometres long, it boasts a lively atmosphere and a host of leisure options. From there on, you decide how to spend your St. Valentine's Day trip to Ibiza because there are options to suit all tastes. Go diving, enjoy an exclusive boat party, swim from cove to cove, meditate with the Mediterranean as a backdrop, discover the best hippy markets on the island... There are plenty of things to do as well as your romantic night in the hotel - just choose yours!

Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, hippies and tourists from half the world have already fallen for Ibiza's charms. What are you waiting for? Come and find the best options for St. Valentine's Day on Ibiza?

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