Amplify your visit with the Sound of Your Stay® programme; experiences and free services available only at Hard Rock Hotel Hotels. Order Fender guitars and ukuleles to your room, download personally curated playlists or ask for a record player and vinyl selection to be delivered to your room. 


Music just sounds better on vinyl! With Wax® you can listen to oldies or new hits from our vinyl collection, curated especially for Hard Rock Hotel Madrid. Experience the music as it was originally intended with this free service, which includes a Crosley turntable. Discover essential Spanish artists, rock and pop classics and maybe find your new favourite band!


Rock out in your room with Picks. Order a Fender electric, acoustic, bass, or Spanish guitar to your room at the touch of a button, with a Marshall amplifier and Marshall headphones included, all for free. Whether you’re a beginner, a kid, or a regular Jimi, our collection of Fenders has something for everyone.


Enjoying the music at the Hard Rock Hotel Madrid? Want to rock out in the shower? Take the music with you. Scan the various QR codes around the hotel to download the songs straight to your Spotify. Why not scan your keycard now and take a walk round Hard Rock Hotel Madrid's memorabilia collection while listening to all the artists? 

Listen. Enjoy. Scan. Play.