Hey Alexa!

Welcome to the stage, Alexa at Hard Rock! Let's fine-tune your experience with some information to help you get acquainted. 

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Alexa 101

Alexa is your in-room voice assistant. Get ready for a whole new level of convenience and high-tech fun during your time with us.  

How Do I get Started?

Simply say "Hey Alexa" to get started and tune into hotel happenings to explore all the experiences we have to offer from creative mixology and culinary concepts to live, unplugged musical performances. 

When Is the Device Listening?

The device activates when it detects the "wake words" - "Hey Alexa" or "Alexa." It listens for your request and sends it to Amazon for processing in the cloud. If you prefer privacy, you can always turn off the microphone by pressing the button on the top of the device, indicated by a red ring. 

Do I Have to Have Alexa in My Room?

The use of the in-room device is complimentary. If you're not comfortable with it, you can unplug Alexa. You can also mute the device during your stay, and rest assured, the camera is always disabled for your comfort.