The Sound Of Your Stay
Music Done Your Way

At Hard Rock Hotel New York, we know that music is life, and we infuse that life into every experience you’ll have as our guest. From the carefully curated Tracks® playlists following you around your room to the legendary jam sessions you’ll have with your very own Fender guitar, we make musical memories on the daily.

Your Personalized Playlist

Stream our curated Spotify playlists to amplify your Hard Rock Hotel stay. Listen to songs from artists you know and love, and experience upcoming musicians on the cutting edge. Where will the music take you?


Get Your Groove On

wax® offers guests the opportunity to tune in to the vinyl resurgence and experience music as it was intended to be listened to. Hard Rock has amplified the in-room listening experience by offering a turntable, over-ear premium acoustic headphones, and a curated collection of vinyl chosen by Hard Rock’s team of music experts. The wax experience will keep the records spinning as guests find their groove.

Your Fender Guitar Delivery

Ready for a jam session? Reserve your choice of a Fender® guitar, which comes with headphones and an amplifier, perfect to create a pop-up studio right in your own guest room. Novice players can access lesson content or just see where the music takes you!