The Sound of Your Stay® MUSIC EXPERIENCE

You can jam a concert in your room or just tune in and dance to your favourite song. We’ll hook you up for free through our Tracks.®, Picks.®, and Mix.® in-room music amenities. Every life has a soundtrack. What’s yours?

Tracks.Your Personalised Playlist

Stream or download expertly curated music playlists to amplify your Hard Rock Hotel stay. Listen to songs from artists you know and love, and experience upcoming musicians on the cutting edge. Where will the music take you?

Picks.Your Fender Guitar Delivery

Ready for a jam session? Reserve your choice of Fender® guitar, along with headphones and an amplifier, and create a pop-up studio right in your own room. Just see where the music takes you!

PICKS® is now available from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Mix. You're the DJ

The MIX amenity provides you with private access at Tabu Teens Club to a Traktor S2 DJ controller and an accompanying iPad to get the job done. Plug in, watch the demo video and in no time flat, you will be mixing that perfect set just like the pros.