Environmental and SocialSustainability Policy

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, as a touristic Company, provides the highest quality and safety, and through its Philanthropic and Save the Planet programs, provides welfare to our population and the environment around us. 

Aware of the present and future impacts generated by the operation of its facilities, it supports its Environmental Policy in strict compliance with existing environmental legislations in Dominican Republic through the following objectives:

  • Implementing actions to prevent and control pollution and environment degradation caused by the operation of its facilities.
  • Implementing good environmental practices for energy savings, through ongoing programs of using water efficiently, energy-saving and recycling, involving employees and fervent fans.
  • Performing various actions for the protection of the native flora and fauna, such as ecosystem restoration and endangered wildlife rescue.
  • Creating habits for the contribution of environmental improvements with the support of our company and the community.