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For those of you flying into Vallarta to experience the ultimate rock star vacation, getting to Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta is easy with our transportation. Although it is not part of the all-inclusive Hotel experience, it is a luxurious one that a celebrity like you deserves.


Booking your transportation has never been more simple. If you made your booking through this website, you can request your transfer at least 48 hours prior to your arrival by filling the form below.

A star like you cannot miss out on the glamour, so you must respond to the request with your confirmation number so that one of our “Hard Rockers” can anxiously await you at the airport. The charge will be applied to your room and you can pay by card or cash at the reception when you check-out.

Get ready to enjoy the unique vibe of Hard Rock Vallarta, indulging in tropical pools and a stunning beach.


Maximum number of persons: 5


  • Private Service Sedan Vehicle $50 USD Round trip per person.
  • Private Service Luxury Lincoln (maximum 5 people covered by the rate, includes water and fresh towels) round trip $325 USD.**
  • Private Service Luxury Suburban (maximum 5 people covered by the rate, includes water and fresh towels round trip $325 USD.**
** Fresh towels and water included.


Traveling with pets?

Please read our pet-friendly program policies: Unleashed!

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