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A Sparking New All-Inclusive Food & Wine Festival In The Riviera Maya

May 31, 2023 María Alcaide Díaz
Glocal Wine & Food Festival Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Not only can you enjoy wining and dining at your preferred all-inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya, but the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya has also arranged a delightful surprise for food festival enthusiasts: Glocal. 
We know by this moment you’ll be wondering: “What on earth is Glocal and where do I book my next stay to be there?”. Stop wondering! here you’ll find a detailed description and guide of this very 1st edition of an incredible good food festival.



Glocal: All-Inclusive Food & Wine Festival

Glocal emerged from the idea of creating a different kind of food and wine festival, with the fusion of local talent and global brands, collaborating as one to deliver a diversity of events and activities, all included with your vacation package.

These activities — available for 8 days — range from pool parties, paella feasts, snoring tuna ceremonies, mixology classes, wine pairings, neon champagne parties, and so much more!

A Detailed Agenda, For The All-inclusive Glocal Experience

For foodies and fun-seekers alike, Glocal truly has it all! Your culinary journey starts in the inauguration, all themed up as a celebration of Mexican culture, its flavors, and most representative spirits. With special guests like Tequila Patrón, we’ve all had the chance to try different kinds of tacos with a side of Tequila mixology.

April 06 and April 07: A True Culinary Journey

On the second and third day of the event, our agenda began at 11 am and led us through a variety of experiences. We started by the Hacienda and then moved on to spend time at Eden pool, where we enjoyed watching mixology specialists adding local touches to their drinks, creating a truly unique experience.

Followed by The Chef Series: White Wine & Oysters experience at Eden pool, a Master Class of Tequila Patrón leaded by their LATAM ambassador Jose Luis Gutiérrez, and the Glocal Experience, a Four Hand Dinner and wine pairing from the two Californias presented by Bodegas de Santo Tomás, The Prisoner Wine Co., and Robert Mondavi Winery. An unparalleled experience for the senses!

Our fourth day of Glocal redefined culinary mastery and all-inclusive entertainment, thanks to its elevated experiences like the snoring tuna ceremony at Eden pool, the Joseph Mortera California Gin Master classroom the Glocal Festival with the Route 666 theme at the Woodstock Terrace, and last but not least the Neon Party & Champagne at Heaven Night Club.



April 08, 09 and April 10: An Adventure in Good Taste

If the very first three days of this stunning event haven’t yet left you speechless, keep reading! On April 8th, the Sushi & Sake experience at Heaven pool left us all craving for more, and HBS Delii kept delighting us with their Master Class presented by their head mixologist Dylan de Marx, followed by more party time at Heaven Night Club with a second Neon Party & Champagne edition.

April 9th and 10th was a blast, with The Chef Series Paella Competition at Heaven Pool, the Sotol Master Class presented by Ricardo Pico, global ambassador of Nocheluna Sotol at Martini Bar, and the RocktoberFest at the Woodstock Terrace, events that for sure left us all waiting for the next 2 days experience that were ahead of us!



April 11 and 12: Taste Your Way Across the Glocal Closure

This culinary journey has almost come to an end, but here we recap how it all went the last 2 days. We were able to try a selected yet ample variety of worldwide mixology brands available for your to try, from Mezcal, Vodka, and even Margaritas you can only taste by riding a blender-bike, the Glocal closure could only get better! and it was followed by The Chef Series: Flavors of the Peninsula, a delectable California Wines Master Class presented by the Wine Institute of California, and the Tulum-themed Farewell Festival at the Heaven  Beach where all dressed-up in white, toasted to a sparkling moment we could only celebrate thanks to this marvelous all-inclusive event.

On Wednesday we celebrated one more time, by saying goodbye to Glocal only for a while, with a tasty Farewell Boozy Brunch at Faro Restaurant.




Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect on your next vacation at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. 

Our popular event, Glocal, will  be held in June and July, with exciting events and activities that cater to every taste and every rocker who stays with us! See you at the 2nd and 3rd edition of Glocal at Hard Rock Riviera Maya!

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