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February 02, 2024 Samuel González
Valentines day itinerary
Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate love and affection, and what better way to do it than at the Hard Rock Hotel in Los Cabos? Known for its luxurious amenities, stunning ocean views, and top-notch service, Hard Rock Hotel offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable romantic getaway.

Day 1: Arrival and Relaxation


You are welcomed with a signature cocktail while checking into your plush room, where romantic touches await — rose petals, soft music, and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.


dinner at hard rock hotel los cabos


Sunset Dinner

Enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the hotel's gourmet restaurants as evening falls. Indulge in international or local cuisines while admiring the stunning ocean sunset.


dinner at hard rock hotel los cabos


Day 2: Spa Indulgence and Serenade

Rock Spa® Experience

Start your day with a couple's treatment at the Rock Spa®. Choose from a range of treatments like the 'Rhythm and Motion' massage, which uniquely combines music and therapeutic techniques, or opt for a traditional deep tissue massage.

Serenade Under the Stars

Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos arranges a special serenade in the evening for couples. Enjoy live music under the starlit sky, creating a perfect and romantic ambiance.


Day 3: Out and about

Explore Cabo San Lucas

Take a day trip to explore the vibrant town of Cabo San Lucas, embark on a whale-watching tour, or stroll through the local markets for some shopping.



Relax by the Pool

Spend the afternoon lounging by one of the hotel's many pools. Enjoy cocktails, light bites, and the warm Mexican sun.

Valentine's Gala

The evening brings a grand Valentine's Gala at the hotel. Dress up and join other guests in dining, dancing, and celebrating love.



Day 4: Culinary Delights

Cooking Class

dinner at hard rock hotel los cabos


Participate in a cooking class guided by one of the hotel's expert chefs. Together, create aromatic dishes and discover the flavors of spices and blends.

Farewell Lunch

Conclude your stay with a special farewell lunch. Reflect on the beautiful memories made and toast to future adventures together.


Additional Amenities and Suggestions

Personalized Playlist: Create your playlist with Hard Rock's 'Sound of Your Stay' program to set the mood throughout your stay.
Moonlit Beach Walk: Take advantage of the hotel's beachfront location for a romantic moonlit stroll.
Room Upgrades: Consider upgrading your room for added luxury, such as a suite with a private hot tub.
Fitness Classes: Join a yoga or fitness class together to stay active during your stay.

Valentine's Day at Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos promises a vacation and an experience filled with love, luxury, and unforgettable moments. Whether relaxing at the spa, enjoying gourmet meals, or simply basking in each other's company with the ocean as your backdrop, this Valentine's getaway will be one for the books.
Note: Book activities in advance and check for travel advisories or health and safety guidelines. Happy Valentine's Day!

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