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The Dog Days Are Over

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What is the Unleashed program?


For those travelers who’d like to bring their four-legged friends to paradise, there’s a special place at the Hard Rock Hotel just for you. The Unleashed Program makes traveling with your fur babies worthwhile!

Pets are such an important part of the family and sometimes, they need a relaxing getaway too! Buckle up and prepare to experience paradise on a whole new level with the very best company: your furry friend. 

Traveling to the beach to hard rock hotels


Flying with your pet


 Before flying, be sure to travel with all the necessary pet permits associated with your preferred airline to ensure a hassle-free vacation. 

Luckily, a health certificate for dogs and cats is no longer needed to enter Mexico, but it will require some patience as your pets' health will be inspected upon arrival. However, veterinarian visits prior to departure are always encouraged to confirm your pet is healthy and ready for travel.

Check out the official USDA page for more pet traveling instructions and guidance.

Arriving at a Hard Rock Hotel in Mexico

Now that you and your bestie have arrived, head to the transfer pick up area to catch your ride to one of the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels. To book your roundtrip transfer, refer to the transportation prices on the following page. 


See Transfer Rates



Checking in


 Before you get to exploring the hotel and discovering all the pet friendly amenities, make your way to the check-in desk where a one time fee of $150 USD/per pet will be applied. Once you've officially checked in, the Hard Rock Hotel is your very own rockin’ stage!

Traveling to the beach to hard rock hotels


Living the dream


Hard Rock Hotel offers perfect pet-friendly spots to hang out around the hotel, from making new friends to a place to stay and chill.

  • At the reception, there’s a treat for our furry guests to make them feel welcome
  • Your pet’s bed is made from  memory foam beds, so they can fully rest after a long trip and gather energy for the upcoming fun.
  • Designated areas provided for pets, so all guests (furry and not) are comfortable during their stay.
  • Start your unforgettable tropical escape with a drink bowl by the water or furry kisses with the Unleashed program! 
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