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Interactive area guides, built by musicians and locals in the know. We'll tell you where to find an open air market in Bali, beachside diner in Daytona or authentic pub in Dublin; and of course recommendations for the best spots to go for music experiences in any city. We've got the inside scoop on what's cool and where to go in every Hard Rock Hotel location.  

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Vibrant Madrid

Music, art, culinary and culture meet at our new Hard Rock Hotel location in Madrid. Experience it all in the trendy barrios madrileños with our local artist-curated city guide.  

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Delightful Dublin

See the excitement and tradition of Ireland’s capital from our prime location next to Dublin Castle and Temple Bar, with insider tips from local artists.   

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Worldly Amsterdam

Explore this famous city’s streets and canals and immerse in the culture of a destination that is a favorite to many world travelers, right from our location on Leidseplein.  

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Flawes Artist Guide

Soaring indie-pop trio Flawes released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Highlights’ via Red Bull Records in Jan, 2020. It’s been an exciting 3 years for the London based band, having bolted before there was even a block to do so from, they were picked up by Radio 1 before ever having performed live. Flawes are known for their bold, sleek and uplifting sound, tailor-made for both dancefloors and festival fields.

Alex Kinsey Artist Guide

Born in Daytona Beach, Alex Kinsey is a singer/songwriter best known as one half of X Factor winning duo, Alex & Sierra. After winning the US talent competition in 2013, the duo went on to have two successful albums and three successful tours. Before going on to a strong solo career, Alex formed the band BoTalks and had a hit song featuring Modern Family's Sarah Hyland with over 5 million streams and 2.5 million plays. 

Unoosha Artist Guide

Unoosha is widely recognized as the leading female artist in the Maldives. She has won numerous awards and has performed at various high caliber shows in the Maldives & abroad. Unoosha’s recent achievements include winning Best Female Singer at The 2010 Maldives Video Music Awards, 2011 Enchanteur Maldives Film Awards, and The 2010 SunFM Awards. 

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