Konnichiwa, hard rockers. May we present Narumi, the Asian restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife where you can enjoy an authentic Asian culinary experience without compare in all of Tenerife.


The best of Japan, hints of Thai and Vietnamese, fresh appetisers, sushi, sashimi and even teppanyaki tables… to really get you into the vibe of the thoroughly delicious and healthy Japanese gastronomy. In addition to the oriental delights, as with all the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife restaurants, at Narumi you can spice up your meal choice with a delicious cocktail from our menu, impeccably prepared by our expert bartenders. Gotta start the night off right!

Located in front of the Eden pool at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, Narumi offers a huge terrace where you can enjoy delightful views of the floodlit pool and feel the Atlantic ocean breeze. There’s also an indoor area for the cooler evenings of the year.

Order up a selection of our exquisite Asian specialties and enjoy a spectacular evening in this foodie heaven: Narumi, the à la carte Asian restaurant of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.


Get your hands on the menu and just take a glance at the appetisers… you already know you’re in for a delicious evening. Narumi brings you a menu brimming with goodies that will delight every single guest and visitor to the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife.

We´ve got delicious starters and not to mention the fabulous sushi and sashimi selection, all make the menu at Narumi one of the most sought-after gastronomical offerings at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. Treat yourself to a unique meal carefully designed to titillate every one of your senses!

Fancy a little more sake? Drink up. Here’s to the holidays!


Rock stars love sushi. And ramen. And sashimi. They drink sake, champagne, cocktails and whatever tickles their fancy. Because they’re rock stars and they’re worth it! And because they know how to appreciate the good stuff and savour all the tasty things life has to offer.

Narumi is the Japanese eatery for you, the perfect pitstop when you’re strolling around Santa Cruz de Tenerife and that sudden craving strikes -you’ve just got to have some Asian food. You grab your phone and search for Asian restaurants in Tenerife and, boom, the first one you see seals the deal. That’s Narumi, with its stylish décor, its carefully curated menu and the experience of a magical evening, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife style. So, you choose us. And you hit the jackpot! Because Narumi is a deliciously safe bet all round.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying here at the hotel or you’re just here for a visit, because at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, we’re dying to share the Narumi experience with our guests, the locals and tourists alike. Our restaurant is open to everyone who’s up for enjoying an amazing evening.

Enjoy a fabulous live cooking show and get yourself one of our teppanyaki tables for a front-row view of the exclusive gastronomical performance. Our experienced chefs will whet your appetite with the delicious aromas wafting from their Japanese hotplates and you’ll enjoy a healthy, freshly-made meal with no additives or condiments to mask the authentic flavour of the mouth-watering foods.

So, have we persuaded you? Well then, book your table and come taste our wares. You’re in for a real treat!

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