Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is strengthening its efforts to increase its sustainability in regard to the disposal of waste and the use of energy and water by introducing improved procedures, by working with non-profit organisations, and by developing sustainable policies and practices.






EarthCheck is the leading international organisation in consultancy, scientific benchmarking and certification for the travel and tourism sector, and has for several years offered tourism companies a framework for achieving their sustainable development objectives.

Using this framework, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the environment, to society and to providing safety for their visitors by obtaining the “EarthCheck Certified” mark.


Companies must adhere to a strict pollution reduction protocol before being visited by qualified staff who assess them according to various criteria including:

  • Emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Energy efficiency, storage & management
  • Management of drinking water resources
  • The conservation and management of ecosystems
  • Social and cultural management
  • Planning and management of the use of land
  • Protection of air quality
  • Management of waste water
  • Management of solid waste
  • Substances harmful to the environment

Since 2019, Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife has obtained EarthCheck Silver certification, thus demonstrating its firm commitment to caring for the environment and for the local community.


Earth Hour: in March every year, we switch our lights off for an hour at 8.30 p.m. in order to reduce our energy consumption and to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Our 2022 Earth Hour achieved a significant saving of 153 kilowatts, as we shared with our guests this example of a practical way to help the environment.

Beach cleaning: our partners assist with regular beach cleaning in our local area to promote sustainability and to support the local community.

With active participation by our team, we are also living up to our “All is One” motto.

My first flight: A project aimed at protecting the Cory’s shearwater. The aim of the project is:

  • To strengthen Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife’s commitment to the protection of birds — and in particular the Cory’s shearwater.
  • To raise awareness of the need to protect birds.
  • To inform visitors of the environmental situation of the Cory’s shearwater and its relationship with tourism.
  • To further the local population’s knowledge of the area’s biodiversity.

Monitoring of sea turtles: We work in partnership with a research group (Proyecto Intertagua) to improve the conservation of the marine environment, and to monitor the turtles to prevent, for example, over contact between them and human beings — which can cause diseases linked to defective nutrition, including high cholesterol levels or unhealthy weight gain.

*Image provided by Turismo de Tenerife.

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