Sound of Your Stay LIFE, ELECTRIFIED

The Sound of Your Stay® is the soundtrack of your holidays. The playlist you’ll flip on while you’re getting ready for an amazing dining experience. Or the tunes you dance to while you brush your teeth in the morning. Or that you’ll sing to at the top of your lungs while jumping on the bed because it’s the first day of your stay and you already know how awesome it’s going to be. The Sound of your Stay® is the exclusive programme of music services brought to you by the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife to make your stay sound unique, just like you.


Personalised playlists for every mood and time of day, the chance to play the Fender® guitars in our special collection or flip those vinyls on the turntables in your room until the sun comes up. Enjoy a full selection of music services that will get your holidays into the groove and make your stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife totally rock. There’s a reason you chose us, and we know it! Rock your stay!

3 music services for rock icons Tracks®, Picks® and Wax®. What?

A personalised playlist, a Fender® guitar in your room or a Crosley record player with up to 10 vinyls for you to choose from at any time. Tracks®, Picks® and Wax® are the three free music services you can avail of while you stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife with the The Sound of Your Stay® programme. Are you ready to rock out?

Music excites, moves and inspires whole lives. We know all about it! That’s why the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife will make your stay an exclusive sound experience with The Sound of Your Stay®, the programme that will have you really living the music like you’ve never done before.

Are you feeling groovy? Do you want to relax and get yourself lost in a song? Do you feel the notes emerging from your fingertips as they caress the strings of an awesome guitar? It’s up to you -we’ve got everything you’ll need in our free services Tracks®, Picks® and Wax®.

Picks.®our very own Fender®, yes it can be yours!

Are you ready for a proper jam session? Pick and book one of our 11 Fender® guitars, equipped with Nixon headphones and a Fender® Mustang floor amplifier. Improvise and create your own music studio in your room. If you’re still learning the ropes, play around with those strings and discover your own sound, or be adventurous and try one of our video guitar lessons. We get it: real rock stars just can’t live without their music.


Download the playlists we’ve prepared for you and amp up the sound of your experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. Tracks® is a free service from The Sound of Your Stay® programme that lets you listen to the songs you already know and love, or branch out and listen to new artists. Why not dance to the beat of songs you’ve never heard before? You never know, they might just become your new top choice. All you gotta do is let the music take you.

wax.®DJ in the house!

Wax® is the ultimate component of our musical experience collection. Jump on board the vinyl renaissance train and experience music in its purest, most natural state. Hard Rock Hotels and Crosley join forces to create a unique sound experience in every room. The team of experts at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife has selected 10 iconic records for you to play on a Crosley turntable right there in your room.

One life, one soundtrack. What will yours be?


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