The Beach Club


The restaurant where eating light is an explosive taste experience. Delicious salads, fresh fish, grilled meats, pastas, mind-blowing tartars… if you want healthy organic cuisine at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, two words: Beach Club! We know you’re into healthy eating, we got you. The Beach Club restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is for you!

The Beach Club is situated right in front of the Lago pool at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife and offers fantastic views of the pool and the beach. Do a little sunbathing, go for a dip and, when it’s time for lunch, come and enjoy our fresh, healthy and deliciously unique cuisine.

The Beach Club, more than a restaurant, is a food experience. One fit for a star. Go for a swim in the Lago pool. Grab a delicious tipple at cocktail hour. Sink your toes into the sand and go for a little stroll down to the shore. Hungry yet? The Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife has your table ready and can’t wait to bring you service with a smile. Welcome!

Nourish Yourself LIKE A ROCKSTAR

The Beach Club makes it easy for you to keep up with your healthy eating habits (and enjoy them!) while your holidaying at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. Nourish yourself, rockstar fashion!

With its beachy, rustic interiors, and the chic touch of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, The Beach Club is a daytime refuge for foodies who enjoy quality ingredients and raw materials in a quick, no fuss format.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. Healthy means you enjoy nourishing yourself. Eating balanced meals that provide you with the nutrients you need. Using fresh, quality products and preparing them with respect. Feeling light and satisfied after a delicious meal.

For lovers of salads and vegetarian options, The Beach Club has an awesome Health Corner, a special section of the menu where you can find dishes as tasty as our Thai fusion salad, our tofu fajita, Lebanese tabbouleh, or our organic veggie burger with crunchy aubergine and seaweed bread.

Too green for you? Don’t panic! Eating healthy doesn’t mean going hungry and at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife we want you to feel satiated. The menu at The Beach Club offers dishes as appetising burgers, paella or salmon, as well as fresh seafood

When it’s time for dessert, The Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife brings diners tempting delights like banoffee pie and other exciting offerings with hints of the local cuisine, like creamy Canary Island gianduja with hazelnut praline.

Take a seat, enjoy the ocean views and order a nice chilled Chardonnay. The Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is (much) more than just a restaurant.

What's today's plan?LUNCH AT THE BEACH CLUB

Every day, the bar at the Lago pool opens its doors to offer you the best cocktails and freshly-squeezed juices to enjoy by the pool. The food service is open to guests, locals and anyone who’d like to spend a fabulous day and enjoy an exclusive meal at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife. If you’re looking for something to do today, don’t miss it! We’re waiting for you at The Beach Club!

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