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The Best Culinary Experience at Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos: Here's All We Lived at Rockstars Chefs Event!

August 01, 2023 Raúl Muñoz Barragán
Rockstars Chefs Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Calling all lovers of good cuisine and best things to do in Los Cabos!

Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos experienced three days filled with thrill, expertise, and good food as Rockstars Chefs event took place from July 26th to 28th.

Amidst the words of this you will learn about everything that was on display, which will convince you to visit us for Rockstars Chefs next edition.


Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos guests witnessed culinary pieces created by widely-awarded and remarkable chefs. Lets get to know them: 

Zuleyma Zepeda: Born & raised in Mexico City,  her culinary work have been around for the last 9 years in Roca group, where high-quality meat cuts from northern Mexico shines bright. Zuleyma is currently the executive chef of Très, a restaurant with French-Mediterranean cuisine.

Irving Cano: Established in the magical city of San Miguel de Allende, and with over 10 years of experience in the tourism sector, Cano imprinted his gastronomic style at the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta and Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos. Nowadays, he works as the executive chef of Dulce 1810 restaurant.

Mario Espinosa: His DNA provided him the undeniable destiny to become a chef, making him the number 8th of a legendary family cuisine experts. In 2020, he turned Madereros Restaurant into his most ambitious project and launched Tencüi, both recognized for their Mexican folklore.



The chefs started each day with fun-and-easy cooking samples made for the children, while interacting and guiding them in  preparing f pizzas and cupcakes, with a little explanation of the use of textures and flavors in the most fun way!

The little rockstars had an unmatched experience where they were embraced by the chefs' positive attitude and the Roxity Kids Club staff.


Different areas of our extensive resort felt the good vibes with our culinary workshops.Each chef offered a sample of tacos with marine food and eccentric meat cuts on this first day of activities. Later that day, the firewood was lit and the chefs showed their skills with grills and roasts in a very special evening.

For the second day, In-house chef Leopoldo Arceluz and his crew amazed us all with the tuna snoring ceremony, giving the chance for our Rockstars Chef to show off their skills and spectacular dishes. We wrapped up the night with a five-course dinner at See The Show

As a finishing touch for the Rockstars Chefs last day, our guests reviewed their Ceviches & creations with their own relish.


Reservations to experience the Rockstars Chefs culinary event are limited, so we recommend you to secure your place for the next edition either visiting hardrockhotels.com/los-cabos or communicating with our reservations team

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the culinary brilliance of renowned chefs simultaneously while also indulging in the ultimate luxury and hospitality only Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos can offer you.

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