Make a SplashSwimming Pools at Hard Rock

Get ready to dive into our stunning pools, which will become the perfect backdrop to enjoy your holiday. At Hard Rock Hotel Marbella, the music never stops... Even underwater! Dive into our Eden pool and feel the rhythm of the music even underwater... Do you dare to experience it?  

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella is much more than just a hotel with a pool, it is a fun experience, with events throughout the summer, and where every moment is lived intensely.

Sun Society

The trendy Rooftop in Marbella, its infinity pool has become the perfect "spot" to become an oasis. Can you imagine enjoying a delicious cocktail in an infinity pool, overlooking the Costa del Sol? At Hard Rock Hotel Marbella we make it possible.  

So, if you're ready for a fun and vibrant experience, Hard Rock Hotel Marbella awaits you in this setting where you'll feel like a star. Dive in and let the fun begin in the infinity pool of the moment on the Costa del Sol!

Eden Pool Club

At the heart of our hotel, the Eden Pool awaits you to immerse yourself in a world of fun and entertainment. The atmosphere of our pool envelops you from the first moment you set foot in it, with the DJ booth right in the middle of the pool, and the music playing even underwater, we are sure you have never experienced anything like it. In this corner of paradise, every moment becomes a memorable experience.  

In this corner of paradise, every moment becomes a memorable experience - welcome to Eden Pool, where your holiday becomes unforgettable!

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