Sound of Your Stay ®

Music is inspiration. It can help relax after a long day, excite before heading out or empower to take advantage of the day. At Hard Rock Hotel Dublin, we embrace music and all its inspiring qualities. That’s why we offer our guests exclusive access to our Sound of Your Stay Programme, an experience that allows you to take control of the soundtrack of your stay with TRACKS, tune into the vinyl renaissance with WAX or play like a Rock Star with PICKS.


Amplify your stay at Hard Rock Hotel Dublin. Explore the sound of your stay with specifically curated playlists designed to showcase songs from 9 different genres. Whether you’re looking to set the mood for a night on the town, a romantic evening or you prefer to brush your teeth to a rocking new tune, don’t hold back! Let the Music take you.


Get your groove on with Hard Rock Hotel’s ultimate in-room listening experience and explore music as it was intended to be listened to- on vinyl. WAX offers you the opportunity to join the vinyl renaissance with the help of a Crosley turntable and a selection of carefully curated vinyls. Experience music, as a real VIP.


Experienced or a novice player, discover your own sound with Hard Rock’s PICKS Programme. Reserve one of our 7 Fender® Guitars supplemented with headphones and an amplifier and get it delivered straight to your room (left handed guitar available). Rock away to your own rhythm or try one of our video guitar lessons.