Things To Do & See in Davos & surroundings


Davos, Switzerland, has come a long way since its rise to fame in the 20th century. Once a favourite health destination among the who's who of Europe, this alpine paradise is best known now for its world-class skiing and winter sports. Sitting 1,560 metres high in the Swiss Alps, Davos is the highest city in Europe and presents a rockin’ array of things to do and see, including cultural events, festivals, and merriment for holiday's lovers of all ages.


Winter or summer activities, sights and cultural artefacts await guests at the Hard Rock Hotel in the skiing and hiking region of Davos Klosters. Check out our Davos area guide below for more info.

Must-sees in DavosDURING SUMMER

The Davos Klosters region is one of the most versatile summer destinations in Switzerland. Numerous outdoor activities await you here. Hikers feel just as comfortable at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos as bikers. Some also use the mountains of our region for paragliding or the mountain passes for exciting motorbike tours. Davos is often underestimated as a golf resort.

DavosCulture & Events

Shows, Festivals & World Economic Summit 

Whether sports spectacles, shows, festivals or the famous World Economic Summit - special events have always attracted guests to the Swiss mountains in Davos.

  • For more than 30 years, Swissalpine has taken place in Davos. This is the highest ultra marathon in Europe and one of our summer highlights.
  • The two music festivals Davos Sounds Good and Davos Festival - Young artists in concert are a perfect thematic fit for the Hard Rock Hotel Davos.
  • Our absolute top event is the Spengler Cup. This world-famous ice hockey tournament takes place between Christmas and New Years and attracts over 80,000 visitors every year.
  • During Davos Nordic, the world elite of cross-country skiers are competing on the mile-long cross-country runs of Davos.
  • The Monsteiner Brewery near Davos is one of the highest breweries in Europe. You can look behind the scenes and take part in guided tours with tastings.

City Soundtracks ™

For the inside scoop on things to do in Davos, check out Soundtracks™, an interactive guide built by musicians and locals.

Health & ski resortHistory of Davos

At the beginning of the 20th century, Davos was considered a world-famous climatic health resort in Switzerland. Later it became the birthplace of modern winter sports. Today, Davos is the highest town in all of Europe (1,560 m altitude) and a prime holiday destination for travellers of every generation. Set amidst the impressive mountains of the Swiss canton of Graubünden, Davos offers a wide range of outdoor activities, sports and relaxation opportunities, cultural events, festivals and sources of inspiration around every corner.

Davos & KlostersBest attractions

Around Davos Klosters you can not only be active in sports or visit events. There are also interesting sights and cultural treasures waiting for you.

  • The Landwasser Viaduct is a 136-metre long and 65-metre high railway bridge that connects Davos with Filisur. Breathtaking when you look up from the valley at the impressive structure.
  • The Kirchner Museum exhibits many of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's most important paintings. The artist lived in Davos for twenty years.
  • The Monsteiner Brewery near Davos is one of the highest breweries in Europe. You can look behind the scenes and take part in guided tours with tastings.

Must-sees in DavosDURING WINTER

Davos has a long tradition as a ski holiday region - in fact, the town is considered the Swiss birthplace of modern winter sports. You will still find ideal conditions for an active winter holiday in Davos. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also enjoy cross-country skiing, winter hiking or tobogganing in the Davos Klosters ski area.

Davos Area Guide