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Next Up: The Best 2020 Travel Destinations

December 24, 2019
aerial shot of the maldives

2020’s on track to be a pretty big year, with historic events in the Americas, Europe, Asia — even in space. As the new year approaches, here’s a guide to our top 2020 travel destinations so you can start planning.


The 2020 Super Bowl is going to be a big one, as it will decide the champions of the NFL’s 100th season. Why not spend February watching the championship game in Miami Gardens — where the game will take place at our own Hard Rock Stadium — and then driving up to Orlando for some fun at Disney World and Universal Studios?


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East Asia

Tokyo’s generating a lot of buzz for hosting the most sustainable Summer Olympics yet, which will include events all throughout the city, from Omiya’s arena in the north to the Izu Velodrome in the South. Visit Japan in July and hit up other incredible East-Asian destinations while you’re in the area, like Kyoto, Beijing, or Shanghai — even Chinese tech capital Shenzhen.


NASA will be launching significant missions all throughout the new year, including Mars 2020 and the Artemis 1 mission. Though you can’t see the spacecraft with the naked eye, this is the perfect excuse to splurge on the stargazing trip of a lifetime. Staying on a remote island in the Maldives will give you clear views of the night sky, and since you’re near the equator, you’ll see both the northern and southern hemisphere’s stars.


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Plan Your 2020 Getaway

Feeling inspired? Check out our fantastic FloridaShenzhen, and Maldives properties and start planning your 2020 getaway.

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