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5 Iconic Memorabilia By Local Musicians You Didn’t Know About

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Remembering The Local Musicians

You may be too young to know these artists since the early days, or feeling too nostalgic when recalling the good old times accompanied by the classics. At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, the magic awaits and take a good look at those wonderful memories of the local musicians that had made our olden times unforgettable.

David Arumugam from The Alleycats 

A Malaysian singer that still remains the signature look till today — no one can ever forget David Arumugam’s afro hairstyle and his trademark husky voice. 

Back in 1969, David formed a legendary Malaysian rock band named The Alleycats with his brother, Loga Arumugam. The brothers take the lead on vocals and have contributed significantly to the local music industry for more than 30 years.

Still regarded as rock legends in Malaysia, the band has a strong fan base across Southeast Asia including Indonesia and Singapore. As a recognition, the band received the Anugerah Sri Wirama award at the 19th AIM Awards. His glamorous red jacket is currently on display at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast. 


The Kedah-born songstress started writing songs at 14, diligently taught herself to play the guitar. After uploading one song on MySpace and garnered over 1 million plays, Yuna had gotten herself a record deal from America. 

Her refined, jazz-inflected style and dulcet vocal have given her prominence to own both local and international music scenes. Her famous duet with Usher topped the R&B and Hip-Hop Albums chart in 2016. 

Dominating both English and Malay music charts, she describes her music as ”Coldplay meets Mary Poppins” that reflects her diverse tastes, even her fashion choices. If you’re a big fan, check out her blue velvet cardigan worn during an impromptu performance with Usher in 2016. 

Amy Search 

A man of many talents, Amy is a local-born musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He’s also the lead vocalist of his band, Search — regarded as the greatest rock band in Malaysia with their numerous hits and rock anthems. 

Hailing from Johor Bahru, Amy and his members formed the band since 1981. Their fame transcended throughout the region and sold out at all concerts. Although the group went through many line-up changes, its music remained as unique and strong to impress fans from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

With his inimitable voice and outstanding talent, he produces evergreen songs and successful albums which are still popular today. Over the years, he’s won the coveted Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) many times in various categories. At Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, check out Amy’s mic stand and jacket during the FENOMENA SEARCH 30th Anniversary Concert Tour in 2011.

Francissca Peter

Who doesn’t know Fran? She is the iconic songbird with more than 20 chart-topping hits and has over 30 albums to her name. She was awarded “Best Female Vocalist” for five consecutive years in the mid-1980s.

Known as the “The Carpenters of Malaysia”, Roy and Fran were immensely popular among Malaysians. Their natural chemistry and soothing voice earned them the release of two albums. They are still loved and remembered by many with some great hit songs to their name.

Were you ever obsessed with her music? From the award-winning Sekadar Di Pinggiran to the nationalistic Setia and even the radio-friendly Ku Ke Udara Lagi, she’s still well-liked by Malaysians till today.

Lewis Pragasam

Along with his strong individuality and style, Lewis Pragasam is among the top percussionist in Asia. He never ceased to contribute new trends in the music world, and often break new grounds by inspiring the new generation of drummers. 

Merging Asian and Western musical styles, he has toured and performed in major festivals all over the world with internationally-acclaimed artists. Apart from that, he created a series of eco-drums to pique people’s interest in culture, arts, and traditions. 

Hence, Lewis invented “Pragasam Eco Series”, a customisable drum made of recycled materials. His “Signature Series” includes the drumsticks made from maple wood. Now on display at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast.

The World’s Original Curator of Music Memorabilia

As part of the music history, Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast takes pride in honouring local musicians with more than 30 pieces of memorabilia. Whether you’re a hardcore rock fan or pop diva fangirl, you’ll enjoy the dazzling memorabilia on display throughout the hotel. Join the free memorabilia tour, available every day from 11 am to 4 pm. 

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