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Must See Beaches in Penang, Malaysia

September 11, 2017
Malaysia beach view

Could it be that beaches are in the eyes of the beholder? No two beaches are created the same despite the same elements of sand and sea. Each has its own allure and reason why beachgoers choose its sandy shores over others. Penang, Malaysia is known for its beautiful beaches; each covering its own unique aspect highlighting what makes it one-of-a-kind.

If you’re planning a tropical vacation to the Asian country of Malaysia, you’ll want an idea of which beaches in Penang are “must-sees” on most travel lists and find out for yourself if they live up to the hype.

Batu Ferringhi

More commonly referred to as “Foreigner’s Rock,” Batu Ferringhi is a popular Penang beach. If you’re looking for a lively atmosphere, this is the beach for you as it’s buzzing with water sports like skiing, windsurfing, and sailing during the day and clubbing and late-night dining for when the sun goes down. With bars right on the beach and endless fun to be had, it’s all about the party life when you walk along these sands and the variety of Penang attractions.

Another Penang attraction found here is the night market with vendors offering everything from handmade gifts to local artwork and more. This is the place to see how well you can bargain because at the Batu Ferringhi night market, it’s all about finding the best deal. Also, take time to stop by the Tropical Spice Garden, which contains upwards of 500 species of tropical plant life, including herbs and spices, garden trails, and casual dining.

Pantai Nelayan


If you want a completely different type of atmosphere and if serene and mainly secluded is more your speed, than Penang’s Fisherman’s Beach may be right up your alley. It’s situated near one of the area’s fishing villages, making it a perfect spot to score some freshly caught seafood. Slow down for a stroll along the beach, then set out for a dinner at sunset and enjoy the quieter nature this beach has to offer.

While there, dine above the water at Kampung Nelayan for a taste of local seafood incorporated into traditional Thai and Chinese dishes. The restaurant also hosts a cultural dance performance every night to make the dining experience here truly authentic and unique.

Monkey Beach


Perhaps one of the best known Malaysia beaches is Monkey Beach in Penang’s National Park. This isn’t your average walk down to the shoreline. If you decide on a day trip to visit, you’ll need to travel by boat or hike it to get an up-close glimpse of the Macaques who live here. Not exotic enough for you? Then, watch out for flying squirrels, lemurs, and white-bellied sea eagles that also reside within the park. Get your cameras ready and make sure your belongings are well secured just in case any of the monkeys try to sneakily snatch anything away!

Pantai Keracut


While traversing through Penang National Park, make sure to head to the coast to try and catch a glimpse of sea green turtles or olive ridley sea turtles, if you’re visiting between September and February. Also, depending on the time you schedule your trip, you’ll find the park’s meromictic, seasonal lake. The catch – you need to time it just right because it’s only visible for a few months out of the year during the change of monsoon; any other time, it’ll appear dried up with grass growing at the bottom. Again, prepare for a hike or have a fishing boat drop you off because this is one of the more remote Penang attractions.

Pulau Kendi


Situated on the Southwestern tip of Penang Island, take in the gorgeous water views, relax in the sunshine, or head out on a snorkeling adventure. The calm, clear water is perfect for when you’re searching for underwater sea life and coral. As far as Malaysia beaches go, this one is the epitome of paradise.

Whenever you visit any beaches in Penang, keep a lookout for hidden rocks, jellyfish, and other types of sea life. Simply be aware of your surroundings and you’ll find there is plenty to explore along the beautiful coast of Malaysia.

Make your next travel adventure a magical one by visiting the beaches of Penang. Explore your options and vary your trips between calm and quiet and alive and thriving. It’s unlike any other kind of experience you’ll have in the world, and one to add to your trip to-do list as places to go in the future!

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