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The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

April 19, 2017
the most beautiful islands in the world

Tropical breezes, ocean views, and swaying palm trees all sound like paradise no matter how you spin it. Trying to hone in on the “most beautiful islands in the world” is a tough feat, since there are so many worthy of the title.

The truth is, there are endless pockets of this great planet that have unbeatable beauty and deserve a spot on a “best of” list, but here are a few to put on your itinerary of places to visit.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Starting with an island that doesn’t immediately conjure up a vision of hammocks or frozen drinks served in coconut shells, Vancouver Island is equally breathtaking and peaceful as its tropical counterparts. The allure of this island is the amount of activities available. Visitors to the island like to bike along nature trails, spend a day salmon fishing, or taste test wines and foods of the region.

Whale watching is unique to this destination, because off the coast of Vancouver Island, you’ll have the rare opportunity to see orcas in the wild. Then, if you want to keep with the water-based events, decide if you’re up for freshwater or saltwater fishing. Both are plentiful on the island with several lakes serving as an ideal spot to cast your line for the day.

As you make it up the coast of the U.S. and into Canada, salmon is the celebrated fish of the area. The season determines which kind of salmon will be most abundant; coho are considered the best salmon to fish for, but it’s the sockeye that tastes the best. Planning a trip to Vancouver Island lets you spend quality time in nature, while sampling a true taste of Canadian culture. Vancouver is a must when it comes to visiting some of the best islands in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali tops several lists because the ambiance is like no other in the world. As a long-revered, spiritual destination, it’s hard not to get lost (in a good way) in Bali. It’s the island where you can find your balance and enjoy the day-to-day with a side of spectacular sunset.

There really isn’t a reason anyone wouldn’t want to visit this magical mecca in the middle of what has been ranked as the #4 best islands in the world by U.S. News & World Report, coming in behind Bora Bora, Galapagos Island, and Santorini. That’s pretty remarkable company to be in, but there are special highlights of this island that can’t be missed.

For example, first timers to Bali should plan a bike ride through a rice paddy and stop by the famed Ubud Monkey Forest, which is part nature reserve, part Hindu temple. Although more on the touristy side, it’s popular for a reason. Go early to skip the larger crowds. Also, make sure to leave plenty of time to relax on Kuta Beach or head into Bali’s laid-back entertainment and shopping district to fully immerse yourself into your vacation surroundings. Regardless of what you do, when it comes to visiting Bali, it’s all about feeling blissful.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

If the clear, turquoise waters aren’t enticing enough, the natural surroundings of the lush landscape will surely lull into a state of serenity. Tahiti is what paradise dreams are made of, and the island serves as one of the best in the world for vacation. No matter where you roam on this island, you’re sure to encounter a chance to relax and soak up the peace of being in the South Pacific.

While you may want to do little else than beach lounge, there’s plenty of adventure to be found on Tahiti as well. Test your balance with a surf lesson; take a jeep safari to “Magic Mountain” in Moorea; learn a Polynesian dance; or, take an island tour and observe the wondrous views of pineapple plantations and panoramas from the Belvedere viewpoint.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has quite the party reputation. It’s where you go to have a wild time, all day, every day and into the wee hours of the morning. But it’s also a great place to snorkel, wander along the beach, and people watch. The atmosphere is festive, but there are select areas where you can get away from the chaos and simply relax.

Put on your party clothes and dance the night away. Then, find refuge in a peaceful suite with chromotherapy-illuminated beds, which uses the health power of color to help set the mood of the room. Ibiza is a place of stimulation, so make sure your senses are tuned into the experience of the island, however rowdy or calm it may be.

On Island Time

The most beautiful islands in the world have more to offer than just its outwardly appearance. The visuals are stunning, no question about it, but it’s the people, the culture, and the energy of each island you visit, which will make your vacation memorable. Which destination is causing you to have island fever?

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